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AFPG is a dedicated financial services organisation committed to building your wealth and piece of mind.

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What We Offer

AFPG is a dedicated financial services organisation committed to building your wealth and piece of mind.

Our aim is to provide a total range of services to meet all of your financial needs. Our expertise includes the development and implementation of superior investment, superannuation and insurance strategies, uniquely tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Three simple words… Advice, Service, Solutions - We won't make any promises we can't keep. We are simply committed to being there for you. You will get advice on what suits your financial needs best, service to help you implement your plans and solutions that are tailored just for you and not the masses.

Everyone has different needs and has achieved different financial milestones, so whether you are starting out, need advice on which home or investment property, want to know how to protect all that you have – we will help.

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Our Services:

Residential and Investment Loans

We work with accredited and licensed finance brokers, providing home, investment and business loans. We specialise in the development of lending and gearing strategies to augment your personal wealth creation.  Furthermore, we can assess your existing finance arrangements and provide alternate funding strategies where necessary.  Our advice is completely objective as no particular lender is favoured.

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While superannuation provides a number of benefits, it does provide a number of limitations that need to be considered, particularly in relation to preservation and taxation of benefits.

Benefits that are maintained in the superannuation environment receive a number of concessions, as any income and growth within super funds will be taxed at a maximum of 15% rather your own marginal tax rate.

Some of the other benefits to be considered with superannuation, include:

  • Cost effective life and disability cover.
  • Benefits under superannuation legislation, super fund monies are protected from creditors in the event of bankruptcy (up to certain limits.)
  • Salary sacrifice options generating taxation benefits
  • Spouse contributions

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Investment Management

Investing is not just for the rich, with as little as $1,000 you too can invest.

Bank accounts are suitable for money required on a day to day basis, but they usually only attract a low rate of interest.

You don't need to have financial expertise to invest. You can invest in property, the Australian sharemarket, and fixed interest investments through a fund managed by an expert.

With managed funds you have the opportunity to choose how much you invest and level of risk you want to take, while leaving the work to our industry funds management experts.

Investing can help you achieve your financial goals sooner, whether it's a new house, new car, holiday or a comfortable retirement.

Managed Funds

We have access to over 200 Australian managed fund products, all have been thoroughly researched and endorsed by Morningstar Research House, allowing us to maximise the diversification of their investment options.

Taxation Strategies

There are a variety of structures and strategies to manage your taxation. Most of them are quite straight forward and don’t include any actual products. We can help you get the most out the money that you earn.

Business Succession Planning

While wealth creation and preservation strategies are vital in life, they are just as important in death.  AFPG can arrange your personal and business affairs to ensure that your beneficiaries receive the maximum benefit from your estate, through a variety of innovative and tax effective strategies.

Personal Insurance

Protecting your wealth and assets is an essential part of any successful financial plan. We can assess your needs and recommend tailored insurances to suit your circumstances and budget. Continuous monitoring of your insurance and risk management requirements will ensure you’re always appropriately protected, at every stage of your life.

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Mortgage Elimination Strategies

You family home will be the greatest expense that you ever undertake.  The average mortgage repayment will account for almost 50% of your weekly income.

We can devise and implement a range of simple strategies to eliminate your mortgage in up to half the time and then redirect this capital to wealth accumulation activities.

Financial Planning

Planning for your financial future is important. That is why we have developed our client service policy to ensure our clients find the right financial solution that suits their individual needs. With a transparent fee structure and a top authorised product list, our clients are on the right track to building wealth.



Ever since AFPG and I formed an alliance to service my clients' needs, it has been a rewarding outcome for all concerned. Feedback received from my clients has always proven to be extremely positive, with my clients able to attest to receiving the same (highest) level of service from AFPG as is afforded to them from myself.

AFPG have proven time and time again to act professionally, competently, and with care each and every time with all my clients. Highly recommended !

-Frank Giacomello, Accountant

I recommend AFPG without reservation for these reasons:

I know from experience that Matt Carter and his team work quickly and efficiently to bring positive solutions to my clients. I know once any initial business is transitioned there will be regular monitoring and follow up both directly and through our practice to ensure a holistic approach to the needs of the client.

Recommending AFPG is a no-brainer for this practice.

- Jeffrey Banks,


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