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While superannuation provides a number of benefits, it does provide a number of limitations that need to be considered, particularly in relation to preservation and taxation of benefits.

Benefits that are maintained in the superannuation environment receive a number of concessions, as any income and growth within Super funds will be taxed at a maximum of 15% rather your own marginal tax rate.

Personal Superannuation

Providing clients with the widest possible array of investment options is our aim. Personal superannuation can be tailored to any investors risk profile, which put simply, means we talk to you to find out when you want to retire, how you want to live in retirement and recommend which investment strategy to choose in your superannuation fund to help you achieve this.

Business/ Corporate Superannuation

For employers wishing to provide superannuation benefits for their employees and offer insurance and investment flexibility. We have access to a number of different corporate superannuation products designed for employers, whether they have only a few staff right through to large organisations. These employer superannuation products have been designed with the goal of maximising flexibility and ease of administration.

DIY Superannuation Funds Self Managed Super Funds

Managing your own super fund puts you in charge of your retirement savings and can greatly expand your investment choices. However, while control and flexibility are attractive advantages of self managed superannuation funds (SMSF), the time and effort required to effectively run your own fund can be an obstacle. Our team of advisers can provide you with that expert advice to maximise your investment returns and minimise that hard work.

Allocated Pensions, Insurance Annuities

Generally considered retirement specific products, they are designed to pay the owner a regular monthly income while achieving attractive returns on the original capital investment. Compared to a traditional pension product an allocated pension has several distinct advantages. It offers increased flexibility in investment options, it allows you to set and adjust the level of income you wish to withdraw and also allows access to partial lump sums or even a full withdrawal should the need arise.

You may also consider getting a fixed, variable, or lifetime annuity insurance product, but since there is no one best retirement plan for all, call us today at 1300 73 PLAN for specific advice on your transition to retirement.



Ever since AFPG and I formed an alliance to service my clients' needs, it has been a rewarding outcome for all concerned. Feedback received from my clients has always proven to be extremely positive, with my clients able to attest to receiving the same (highest) level of service from AFPG as is afforded to them from myself.

AFPG have proven time and time again to act professionally, competently, and with care each and every time with all my clients. Highly recommended !

-Frank Giacomello, Accountant

I recommend AFPG without reservation for these reasons:

I know from experience that Matt Carter and his team work quickly and efficiently to bring positive solutions to my clients. I know once any initial business is transitioned there will be regular monitoring and follow up both directly and through our practice to ensure a holistic approach to the needs of the client.

Recommending AFPG is a no-brainer for this practice.

- Jeffrey Banks,


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